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Benefits of Meditation
Concentration is a special state of mind, where one experiences clarity, the heightened level of energy, intellectual productivity, and original ideas. Chaotic thinking wanes and one acquires a significant degree of control over emotions. As a result, one will have a well-measured decision-making process, less wastage of energy on trifles and dedication to achieve one's objectives.

Average people seldom utilize more than a few percent of their potential because an untrained mind cannot make use of this state. Meditation is the easiest way to enter into the state of concentration: practice it for 20 minutes in the morning, and your entire day will be more efficient.
Creativity and Intuition
Meditation is also called "intuitive practice" because it leads the mind to the deepest frontiers of knowing. When one has managed to silence the turbulent sea of superficial thoughts, one is accessing a variety of new faculties collectively known as intuition. Intuition is the core element of every creativity and ingenuity.

By exercising and developing deeper layers of mind, we acquire a subtle appreciation of art and poetry, a capacity to easily catch new ideas, to understand philosophy, remarkable flair in solving day to day problems and an ability to live ahead of time.
Brightness of life and relationships
The brilliance of life depends on the amount of internal energy. Children, having greatest amount of vitality, are experiencing the world in a very bright way. This brightness also depends on the ability to perceive, which is greatest when the mind is serene and concentrated. For example, pursuing the ultimate state of concentration, people are practicing extreme sports, because only in this state one is able to experience greatest depths of life.

Meditation enhances internal energy, brings the brain into the state of concentration, and also provides a quality rest for body and mind. As a result, one has a sharper sense of the ambiance, moods, joys and sorrows of other people, this leads to deeper understanding and ability to create stronger relationships and to correct emerging problems at their initial stage.
It is rightly said that all diseases originate in the mind. Painful mental states in due time are transformed into physical maladies. Meditation reverses this process. It triggers up the relaxation response: the breath and heartbeat slow down, the production of stress hormones is reduced, and the brain starts to produce happiness hormones.

The state of peaceful joyfulness is a natural state of the mind. Unpleasant mental experiences are arising due to negligence towards the inner psycho-spiritual needs. Even a gold vessel needs polishing every now and then. The cleaning will reveal its true nature. When you have done a proper maintenance for the mind, i. e., your meditation practice, your real nature, that is, the state of inner joy and peaceful happiness will be revealed. Meditation improves one's nature, by removing unnatural sediments of the mind.