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Meditation and yoga have the power to transform lives. Your donations help us make education of practices accessible to all. Your contributions help us support our team, create content, develop products, and expand our reach.

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What do we do thanks to your support
What do we do thanks to your support
Just like a river gains strength from countless tiny drops, our mission flourishes with each and every donation.

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Here are the results of the survey of more than 1000 respondents regarding how "Meditationsteps" influenced their lives.
27% Stopped feeling lonely

73% Started perceiving their life circumstances in a calmer way
40% Gained more self-confidence

60% Started feeling more satisfaction, happiness and joy in life
44% Improved concentration

56% Overcame stress faster

21% Increased their working capacity

36% Found Like-minded people

43% Reported an increase of their energy levels
This project is a collective effort. Together we are working to help change the entire society, to turn it from competition and self-destruction towards development, progress and solidarity.