Together we can change life for the better!
Meditationsteps is a non-commercial project totally functioning owing to donations. We believe that meditation and yoga practices can bring positive changes to society. So we want everyone to have access to this knowledge.

The funds from donations are used to support the team, create new videos, articles, educational products, develop the mobile application. Your regular support is our chance to go on with all these socially significant projects.
What we do thanks to your support
English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and others.

Weekly inspirational videos by yoga and meditation teachers. The videos help to get calm, overcome loneliness, stress, depression, help to find the answers to the most crucial questions about life.

18 languages
Release videos on the Meditationsteps YouTube channel
Thanks to the skill of meditation people get:
-the opportunity to consciously take control of their lives,-develop intuition and ability of taking balanced decisions,
-build up harmonious, non-violent relationships with others, learn to love.
78 000 people
Free Basic Course of Meditation by Dada Sadananda.
Russia, Israel, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Georgia and others

Deep concentration on the yoga practices, close interaction with the meditation teachers, staying among the spiritual people and powerful flow of inspiration. Retreats charge you with the energy to live, work, create something new and spread the blissful feeling of supreme harmony and balance on everyone around you.
5000+ participants
We hold online and offline retreats of spiritual practices
Tools for supporting regular meditation and other yoga practices, videos, articles, catalog of all the events of the project. The application is developing. Soon it is going to become a comprehensive platform for allround self-development with the help of the techniques provided by yoga.
71 000 users
We develop the "Meditationsteps" mobile application
How to support us
Like a river gaining its power from millions of tiny drops, the stream of goodness in this world is growing thanks to every single donation. We are all here to turn imperfection into perfection, sadness into joy, despair into happiness.

We would appreciate, if you signed up for regular monthly donations. So, we will feel more confident promoting and developing "Meditationsteps".
Here are the results of the survey of more than 1000 respondents regarding how "Meditationsteps" influenced their lives.
27% Stopped feeling loneliness

73% Started perceiving the life circumstances in a calmer way
40% Gained more self-confidence

60% Started feeling more satisfaction, happiness and joy of life
44% Improved concentration

56% Overcome stress faster
21% Increased their working capacity

36% Found Like-minded people

43% Reported increase of the energy level
This is our collective achievement. Together we are working on the project which will change the whole society, and will turn it from competition and self-destruction towards development, progress and solidarity.