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meditation course by Dada Sadananda
Basic course by Dada Sadananda
• Пошаговое введение в практику
• 10 коротких уроков
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Rajadhiraja yoga comprises the practices of classical eight-limb (ashtanga) yoga, tantra, the system of meditation lessons, and spiritual and social philosophy.

The spiritual Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the founder of the Ananda Marga tradition (Path of Bliss), has adjusted the practice of Rajadhiraja yoga and made it suitable for the modern-day environment.
During the Master's life, the movement spread to 160 countries across the globe.
About the meditation practice in this tradition
Yoga teachers

Meditation Steps is the project of my dream. Spiritually potent ideas, Neo-humanism ideology, and powerful practices will catalyze the society's movement into the new long-awaited era, the golden age for humanity.
MS speaker
yoga asanas & detox expert
Taught meditation to
more than 3000 women from 30 countries
Dada Sadananda
Big Team & MS speaker, online events lecturer
Spent 45 years teaching yoga and meditation
Involved in 7 major emergency social service work
My mission in life is to inspire as many people as possible to make their lives more joyful and meaningful. I feel blessed to be able to be in a role of helping others especially...
I really love sharing as much as I can of the spiritual inspiration and bliss that meditation and yoga brought into my own life with those hungry for personal and planetary.....
My role as a yoga and meditation teacher is to encourage spiritual awareness in human society, while at the same time building up the awareness of the importance.....
Dada Shiilabhadrananda
Didi Ananda Sainjana
Big Team & online events lecturer
Started practicing meditation at the age of 5 and at 16 dedicated her life to teaching yoga
Has done 10 detox
5 yoga-teachers' trainings
An ardent presenter of spiritual songs and music
Polyglot (Icelandic, English, Chinese, German, Danish, Swedish and some more)
Spent 5 years training to be a monk in Sweden
I wanted to become an acarya (yoga and meditation teacher) since I was a child. I always had a very strong urge to dedicate my life to something great. I wanted that my life should be not for myself, but for ...
My mission as a yoga and meditation teacher is the motto Self-realization and Service to the Universe (Átma mokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca.)
Going deep into the meditation...
Dada Diiptimanananda
Yoga and Meditation Teacher, founder of MeditationSteps
9000 people have completed the basic course
Didi Sushraddha
I want to spread the spiritual ideology and make a better society. I like to teach about philosophy and the subtle aspects of the sádhaná path.
Big Team & online events lecturer
Has written a few books, built a few houses, given lots of lectures
Has taught meditation to people from Earth
Dada Gunatmananda
Didi Ananda Devapriya
Big Team & MS speaker
Running 15 projects dedicated to humanitarian relief, child protection, education, etc
Published author in 5 books
Project team
I am the captain of the ship in international waters :)

I've been practicing meditation and yoga since 2008. I believe that we can be a part of the change we want to see in the world.
Since my youth I have been doing creative work: first music, then photos, now the main focus is on video. I got interested in marketing 4 years ago. Marketing for me is an opportunity to make the world a better place.
I am taking care of the mailing list, publishing on the app, helping here and there ;) I appreciate being a part of our friendly team in this project that makes yogic knowledge and practices available and ubiquitous.
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Yoga and meditation have truly changed my life by creating healthy attitude towards myself and the world, by giving me a strong spiritual foundation, and by helping me to access the feeling of acceptance and unconditional love.
I have been in the team since 2017, where I started out as a volunteer for the first two years. I design websites and organize online events.

I also began meditating regularly in 2017. I then lived as a volunteer and studied yoga intensively for 3 years.

I do video editing for the Meditation Steps project. I've been meditating since 2017.
My name is Irina. I am a vegan, mainly raw-foodist. I made my first meditation steps in 2017. Since then I have been practicing yoga and meditation every day. I believe yogic philosophy along with vegan lifestyle are those two things that can really change our world and make people happy and healthy.
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I am very much inspired by the team of Meditationsteps project and by the ideas that we are promoting here. My responsibility in the project is making the subtitles for the videos on the YouTube channel, making translations, proofreading texts for publications. Yoga is a great treasure of the humanity and I am happy to contribute.
What people say about us
I have searched Youtube for spiritual inspiration and fortunately (one year ago) found the basic course of Meditationsteps. I had only attended 2 Hatha yoga courses before and the practice of meditation was still very new to me. But the basic course boosted my experience big time. I learned to interconnections between physical postures (aka asanas) sound (mantra recitation) and focus. It perfectly layed the foundation for my future practice.
Even today when I return to some the basic course videos I catch a new nuance which improves my experience overall.
Definitely a worthwhile investment of time and energy !
Heather Howard
This happened to cross my path I have been watching it all day, so much useful information. I've been researching things throughout the last 4 years and this is by far one of my favorite things I have found.
Jaswant Singh
Been looking for a long time for a good meditation course and videos. Love this site. Learnt so much and so much yet to learn. I keep listening to it again and again every few months and feel my understanding deepen. Thank you
Lida Svintsova
Meditation Steps is a high-quality educational project. It is not just a study of meditation, but a comprehensive development in different areas of life. I am grateful to the project team for the inspiration that they give me and many thousands of others. I recommend.
Maxim Pogulyaev
I'm still a "baby" in meditation yoga, but I'm already noticing amazing things that are happening to me. Previously I had to resort to external sources to maintain a positive attitude: listen to music, watch a movie, talk to interesting people, read a book, tidy up around me, etc. In other words, I had to attract positive microvitas into my life. Nowadays, my own abilities are enough. I heard it so many times that there is a huge potential within every person, and that it is possible to help yourself in any situation. But I had no idea how to reach this potential… Thank you to meditation lessons! Independence from external factors is awesome!
Tatyana Lotyreva
Previously I worked on myself with the help of a psychologist for two and a half years, attended different trainings and one-on-one's. I now understand that I can do all of that myself with the help of meditation and yoga. I've made very noticeable progress during the first year, changed a lot within, started looking at things deeper, got rid of many fears and complexes, became more self-confident and also more kind. I am now almost constantly in a good mood, and even if there is a disbalance, I recover quickly. I now control my anger and other negative emotions. Meditating regularly, for the first time in my life, I felt a loving atmosphere, and it started to transform my psyche in a very positive way. I stopped being greedy, became more generous and I started feeling very good when helping someone. Thank you to the Meditation Lessons project.
Mikhail Trufanov
Everything began with my birthday. To be exact, two weeks prior to it I found Dada's video on Youtube, an introduction to meditation. I watched it and felt how harmonious and calm he was. I also wanted to be more harmonious. So I started watching more of his videos, signed up for the mailing list. I became a vegetarian a week later. I've stopped eating pork a long time ago, but there was something missing to stop consuming animals. Also, after my first attempts, I felt such bliss! Indescribable. I am practicing to this day, and it's been over a year now.
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